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How Cool Is Your School?

Postiwyd gan National Editor o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 01/02/2011 am 15:40
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Yn Gymraeg

How would you like to have a say in the way things are organised at your school?

Do you have ideas that could help the way important decisions are made regarding schools in Wales?

Well, here's your chance!

Welsh Ministers are concerned that the process of making changes to school organisation:

  • Takes too long
  • Is unclear about benefits for the education of children and young people
  • Does not engage sufficiently with those who have an interest

They are also concerned that the process involves too many decisions being taken by Welsh Ministers, rather than locally.

The Welsh Assembly Government has created a questionnaire called 'School Organisation - Potential Change To The Process'.

Please feel free to put your thoughts forward in making a difference to the way school organisation is dealt with.

Take the questionnaire here.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 51 mis yn ôl - 3rd February 2011 - 21:45pm

I think our school should have lockers. They always say no, but seriously, they expect us to carry around SO MUCH! Especially at GCSE years. Even if they were like sport centre ones. My mate has to carry around HUGE files in her bag, and Her A3 Art book in her hand (I have to aswell) and our PE Kits... it's really not fair. If we had lockers, it'd be easier.

Also, the way the school are about the uniform is really unfair.All the girls begged for cardigans becase the summers are too hot. Our head teacher said "no because you wont look smart in them"... er, dosen't our health come first? 1O pupils in 2 weeks fainted due to the heat. And in the snow, I wore Snow boots with Snowflakes on and I had a row! Well, either they supply us with the gear or they put up with what we wear and be greatful we're in, or we all take time off school.

And when we are asked on our opinions and what we want in school, we rarely get any notice taken of us. I'm a form captin so I go to meetings and they make up the LAMEST excuses for why we can't have this or that. Can't they just let us have our say and maybe accept it? x



Rhoddwyd sylw 51 mis yn ôl - 4th February 2011 - 13:19pm


You seriously need to write an article about this! Submit it to CLIC and I'll make sure it gets up there. If it's as serious as you say we need to highlight these issues and get the headteachers to take note and, if the health of pupils is actually being affected, to start making some changes.

One of the benefits of CLIC is that you're all anonymous so no-one will get in trouble for criticising their school. Just keep it polite and honest.



Rhoddwyd sylw 49 mis yn ôl - 22nd April 2011 - 01:40am

How come I didn't see this reply until just now? Ughh. Oh well, and yeah I was thinking about it but people in my school know its me because of my obsession of Miley... and since I'm an easy target they'll blab like mad even though they agree with me. Also, our current headteacher has just left so I think I'll wait to see what happens with the new one. I hope he has better ideas for the school. My back is glad it's the Easter Holidays right now because that means no bolder sized bags hanging from my shoulders!



Rhoddwyd sylw 46 mis yn ôl - 8th July 2011 - 16:29pm

Update.... they've only gone and put this sort of locking system on the school which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. We have to run like mad to class incase we get locked out of the buildings and we have to wait for a member of staff to let us out- bit pathetic in my opinion. Apparently it "improves our attendance" which I completely disagree with. If you get locked out, people will go bunking and blame it on the system. Pointless, in my opinion. Okay, so the education might be good and our drama productions are outstanding, but they should think about how we truly feel about the changes they are making. x

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