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Intro To Creative Writing

Postiwyd gan National Editor o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 25/08/2011 am 10:23
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Yn Gymraeg

CLIC has teamed up with YMCA Community College to accredit the creative writing you submit to the CLIC community of websites.

This means you can gain credits which are acknowledged nationally and can be added and built on as you continue to learn.

All good for the CV when you are applying for a job, and a great opportunity to develop your storywriting skills.

We put some of the Wicid staff team to the test in Beddau this week, so kick back and enjoy some of their stories. Most of them are unfinished, but hopefully we can read completed versions here soon!

Life In The Days Of Lily Maude by WICID Giggler

There was a young lady called Lilly Maude, who came from a small mining village called Tynetown in Rhondda Cynon Taff. The village of Tyntetown was a small close-knit family. She was quite a large lady, with grey hair and blue eyes. When she spoke all the children of the village were very frightened of her. She loved spending a lot of time with her family which consisted of a daughter, son-in law, two grandsons, a granddaughter and a dog called Trixie.

She would see her husband off to work early in the morning. Sam worked in Penrhiwceiber Colliery as miner, who was really hard-working and had to work all the hours to provide for the family to put food and water on the table.

Lily always thought it was the man's job to be at work and provide for the family whilst she stayed at home cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. Each day everyone who lived in the house had their own chores to do. Lilly would do the cooking as she loved to make everything from scratch. Her daughter Susie would do the washing, grandsons Steve and Jason would put the rubbish out and clean their bedroom and granddaughter Josie would have to do the washing-up and make sure her bedroom was cleaned.

It would be inspected and she would shout up the stairs, "Have you cleaned your bedroom yet?" and you would hear the children shout, "Yes Nan come and check." If they were not up to scratch then the children would not be allowed out to play until they were clean and tidy and Lilly was happy with them.

She loved spending time with her family and would sit on the doorstep and watch all the children playing and make sure they were safe, but once she shouted, "Your dinner is ready," you knew you would have to run otherwise you would be in big trouble. She also spent a lot of time with her next door neighbour, they were very close, and would visit each other if not once maybe four to five times a day, she would just go in there for a chat and generally talk about other members of the community.

She helped out in the community caf where all the customers loved her and would regularly visit there to have a chat with her. She would prepare home-cooked meals which all the regulars loved. Basically they would just call there for a cup of tea and a chat with her. 


The MIX by Kaz

“Look love – no need for you to talk to me like that”, says the taxi driver, “I am only driving you. I can't determine what the traffic is going to do”. The red cab is filled with bad atmosphere all from Tamara. “You know what it's like in Chiswick darling, should have got out of bed earlier”.

No one talks to Tamara in this way, after all she is a smart, attractive, long-legged business women with bright red curly hair.

She eventually arrives at Channel 7SX for the interview of an editor of a ‘girly’ chat show. As she enters the life she mutters, “I will get this job, I am the best, everyone loves me”.

She enters the office where six people site behind a big boarding room table. The office is very plush, all Tamara can see is the fabulous collectors' items on the walls and cabinets. “Wow”, she thinks, “this is where I want to be”.

The interview goes well and of course Tamara is now the new editor of the show, The MIX.

The first day at the studios, Tamara is introduced to the people on the show.

Jody, she is in her 50s, really funny, blond (dyed) hair, very short, not very small! Jody is married, four children, very home-loving person, all her time away from work is with her husband and children.

“Morning Jody, my name is Tamara, I honestly think we are going to get on really well”.

“Hi,” says Jody, “I have really been looking forward to meeting you, I have heard so much about your brilliant ideas you have for the show”

Christie walks across the studio floor, where chairs have seemed to have reproduced during the night, where you can see dust through the brightness of the very sharp lighting. Tamara isn’t really sure how she feels about Christie before she even meets her, it must be her long, straight, hair which is brunette. Christie is a very smart women, all the designer gear you can shake a stick at. Tamara will not be happy with this!

“Well you must be Tamara?” End of conversation for Christie.

Tamara cannot stop staring at her, her green shiny eyes, long lashes and red, red lipstick – those shoes, how can she afford them?

Tamara looks around and wonders where Siobhian and Bob are. She hears a noise and turns around to see two people giggling away surrounded by cameramen. “They must be Siobhian and Bob”, she feels. How are they so friendly with them?


Fry's Wicid Weekend by Gordon5

Stephen Fry is seen as one of Britain’s most recognisable characters. He is known for a host of different things, ranging from TV host to author. He is so popular in many different ways, due to his gentlemanly ways and witty dry humour. He is the most followed British celebrity on Twitter ahead of the likes of Cheryl Cole and David Cameron.

Stephen was scheduled to take part in a play in the West End of London, which was yet again filled with his bright lights, black taxi cabs, and the newly-built Millennium Bridge, though had still not recovered from the horror of 7/7 terror attacks which was still on everyone’s minds. The show was called The Meaning which was about a group of young boys having adventures in the Yorkshire Dales, and was highly anticipated within the British media and his ardent fans. However there were rumours that his manic depressive / bi-polar condition had returned, something was he was susceptible to in the past.

He has not been seen for a while and there were rumours that he may not show for this highly anticipated showing. Stephen was not answering his mobile, house phone or his doorbell which raised alarms. He did not turn up for the first night of his show, much to the disappointment of his fans. Alarms bells were raised when his partner had not heard from him, which was highly unlike Stephen, though his past was in everyone’s mind.

With his disappearance Stephen going missing made headlines on the news and all of Britain’s tabloids’s and broadsheets. Regrettably, the show was cancelled, much to everyone’s disappointment, though the main concern was with Stephen’s safety, as no one had heard from him.

Fans were very upset with the cancellation of the show, however his fans were very loyal to him.


New Beginnings by YAWgirl

It started with an almighty thud. Boom! "Hello out there, I am ready when you are".
"Oh my goodness, not now".
"Yes I’m afraid that I have already waited long enough Mum".
Of all days that it could have happened it decided to be the very day that Rebecca had lots of things planned. Her aim for the day was to clean every window in the house and to organise the garage just in case anyone needed to go out there. Richard, Rebecca’s fianc, viewed this as highly amusing due to the fact that nobody actually entered the garage unless they wanted the odd cobweb sprawled across their face or if they were in desperate need for any spare carpet to patch up their newly stained floor. For some absurd reason collecting cast offs becoming a talking point at many parties and Richard was always to blame even though Rebecca insisted on ordering larger pieces ‘just in case'.


Mam's Illness by WICID Giggler

Just getting ready for work and the telephone rings: ‘ring ring’, ‘ring ring’. Picked the telephone up only to find out my dad was on the other side of the telephone. Quite hysterical he said, "Your mam is not very well, come down as soon as you can". Once I arrived my Mam was lying on the recliner chair with her feet up and sprawled out. She was grey in colour and unable to breath. I quickly said to Dad, "Ring the doctor."

Dad said, "She will not let me ring the GP". Without I doubt I telephoned the GP and he arrived about an hour later.

Looking at my Mam, he gave her a thorough examination and asked her what the problem was. Once he checked her out he gave her a prescription and told us to keep an eye on her and if she deteriorated in anyway to ring him out ASAP. She would not drink anything and could not face any food that was given to her. We knew she was ill because she was unable to smoke a cigarette when she thoroughly enjoys smoking.

My dad went to the GP's the next day and he referred her to a specialist, she went for test but because these tests were so long coming back, my Dad paid private for her to see a specialist. The results finally come back and my mam was told she had an irregular heartbeat, which thankfully we were all pleased with. She is now on medication for the rest of her life but the illness is controllable.


Girly Holiday To Tenerife by Kaz

Arriving at your destination is always a little daunting, what is the place like, is the apartment going to be nice, hoping it will not be too far from the beach, bars and restaurants. Great, the apartments are great, and we are situated next door to each other. Two in one apartment, three in another. I always share with my partner, I think it's because we always get on well, we know each other so well, we always feel comfortable around each other, and, above all, we don’t stop laughing.

Beach, not too far to walk, sand a little black but not as bad as some beaches in Tenerife. The sea is very rough today, don’t fancy going in there until it calms down a little. Sun on our faces, back to shower and change and off out. A fabulous Italian restaurant (which is our favourite), fab meal, now to hit the bar and find karaoke.

Karaoke is always a must for us five girlies. Four out of five always singing. This one night, the wine had hit me just a little more than other nights (this is my excuse and I am definitely sticking to it!). My song, Pearl's A Singer. Always told I am good singing this one. It was a nightmare, terrible. One of the girls decided to video it. But times change. Since arriving back from hols the video has been put up on YouTube!


Sarah's New House by Gordon5

Sarah recently moved into her new home in Cwmbach, Aberdare from Abercynon, Mountain Ash where she has lived all her life. She had mixed feeling about moving new house as she would be leaving her immediate family for the first time and was also worried about paying for her mortgage. On the other side of the coin she knew it was the right thing to do, and to move on and to move to Aberdare which is a far nicer place than Abercynon. She says it’s the best thing she has ever done though she cannot afford to go on holidays this year but understands and appreciates why. She now hopes to marry her darling boyfriend in the future. They live with their pet dog Izzy, and hope to start a family sooner rather than later, and then have grandkids.


Adam's Holiday To Thailand by Gordon5

The holiday came in anticipation as I had booked this holiday last year but it was cancelled due to a relationship break-up. The holiday was booked in September 2010. However, not everything was plain sailing as Britain received the worst snow in over 146 years, and it was main headlines in all newspapers and news on TV. It was expressing how many of the terminals were closed which was a worry to myself, would I lose my money etc, did my insurance cover me? Thankfully I was able to get to Heathrow after much discussion and worry, and let’s just say I had a good time!

Want to take part in the CLIC Creative Writing course? Email or call 029 2946 2222. You can download the course materials and others at

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Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 26th August 2011 - 21:45pm

Hiya Ry the Bwsted editorial group are going on a residential on tuesday and we are doing the clic OCN on creative writing while we are there. If you would like and if its ok wit the group we can forward some of their storys to you :)



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 27th August 2011 - 14:03pm

Cool! I'm already in the process of completing this one and the filming :P They are great fun!

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 31st August 2011 - 10:53am

That would be awesome Kinghamster - please do!

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