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Love2shop? Win Vouchers!

Postiwyd gan National Editor o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 04/04/2011 am 05:52
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Yn Gymraeg

We have all, at some point, had something to say about the way things are run in our schools.

If you had the opportunity to really do something about it, would you?

Do you get involved in making decisions in your school?

Does everybody get the chance to have their say?

Pupil Voice Wales would like to find how things can be improved to make sure everyone has a chance to get their voices heard.  This questionnaire is part of a project developing guidance for schools in how to encourage the involvement of all pupils in key decisions and take on board their views.

If you can spare five minutes to complete the questionnaire, you'll also be in with a chance of winning a fifty pound Love2shop voucher.

Love2shop gift vouchers are accepted at 20,000 top UK stores, giving the lucky winner the choice of thousands of fantastic places to shop, visit, eat...

The questions are straightforward and easy to answer, so what have you got to lose (except the possibility of being fifty quid's worth of high street goodies richer)?

Click here to take the survey

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Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 18:06pm

I was half way through this survey when I thought "Wait a minute... isn't this the survey we analysed.... and didn't Ryan say he'd automatically put my answers in? Oh well, he can have two sets of answers"...... =)



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 18:11pm

Note to Mr Editor! Urgent! I can't submit my phone number.... it says "No decimal points" but I haven't put any in. I tried the normal 07, that didn't work, so I even tried +447...... nothing worked =/



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 18:15pm

Note has been sent to Mr Editor! :)



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 18:39pm

Diolch Dan =)



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 20:16pm

This may be a stupid question but how do they know who you are? I answered all the questions and then it just said thankyou for completing, but it didn't ask for any personal how will they know who to send winning vouchers too?:P

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 20:22pm

By the power of Greyskull!

Thank you all for highlighting such glaring inconsistencies. I shall contact the survey organisers pronto and get back to you...

@Stormer007 - When did we analyse it?! :0[



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th March 2011 - 22:30pm

On the Anglesey residential? Yes? No?

CLIC Kathryn

CLIC Kathryn

Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 11th March 2011 - 00:01am

Yes indeed, it's the survey you all gave your feedback on at the CLIC National Residential. Taking on board suggestions for improvements, there are a couple of questions that have been added so we need to contact you all to get those additional answers from you or you can complete it again online here.

Thanks for pointing out the contact details glitch, we'll get this sorted asap!

p.s. Stormer - hope everything is going well? I'm sending you an email about the event I discussed with you tomorrow. Unfortunately two projects and a broken laptop have kept me quite busy lately!


Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 11th March 2011 - 09:35am

Hi all - the slight technical hitch has now been resolved.
any more problems, let me know

good luck on winning that ?50 voucher!



Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 25th March 2011 - 16:37pm

£50 Loads! I'd spend it on a nice pair of skate shoes or a new bag for my iPad2.....

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