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Win A Dragonslayer!

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We've all been there: the school bully will not get off your case and your separated parents are constantly arguing over custody of you.

But then, suddenly, a magical troll comes to your aid and reveals the fact that you hold the secret to defeating an evil dragon.

Such is the path chosen for 12-year-old Arthur, who also has further issues to deal with including joining forces with a handsome but past-it gamesmaster and an evil vice-principal who threatens all of civilisation.

What, you mean this hasn't happened to you? In that case we suggest you enter our competition to win a copy of Adventures Of A Teenage Dragonslayer and find out how to deal with such a situation should it arise.

Due for release on Monday 9 August, we have three copies to give away to three lucky winners. Answer the following question correctly and you might win one. We'll also throw in some CLIC badges, a pen, stickers and other bits and pieces.

Q: What was the name of the friendly luckdragon ridden by young hero Bastian in the 1984 fantasy film, The Neverending Story?

Email your answers to: Closing date is Friday 6 August. Good luck!

Cryptic PS: you could win another DVD (a different title) if you can spot two glaring errors within this article regarding the film and its plot..! 

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