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Young Journos Need Apply

Postiwyd gan National Editor o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 04/08/2010 am 13:01
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NB: Before you read this, please read this!

Children and young people across Wales are being challenged to play the role of a journalist and report on the news.

A competition entitled U-News, run by the Welsh Assembly Government in collaboration with CLIC, is encouraging you to pick up a pen, notebook, audio recorder or video camera and report on positive things happening at home, in school and in your community.

The exercise is designed to highlight the United Nations Convention On The Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and aims to tackle negative media images of children and young people while promoting the positive news that is sometimes overlooked.

News stories, reviews, photographs and other editorial contributions will then be considered for publication in U-News/CLICzine, a special celebratory newspaper that will be published later this year to mark the 21st anniversary of the UNCRC.

The competition will also help entrants to acquire valuable research and reporting skills.

Launching the competition this week, Huw Lewis, Deputy Minister For Children, said: “The media in all its forms is a powerful tool. Through this competition children and young people can learn how it works and how they can tell their story in print, on air and on the worldwide web.

“Children and younger people aren’t always portrayed in the best light by some sections of the media. This is an opportunity for them to redress the balance and to ensure audiences get a fuller picture of the news, views and issues that are important to them.

"There are many issues facing children and young people, ranging from relationships, self-esteem and safety to entertainment, education, sport and community life. We hope to see all of this reflected in entries to the competition.”

The competition is part of a wider initiative designed to promote the five-year Action Plan entitled Getting It Right, which sets out how the Welsh Assembly Government intends to make all of the aspirations of the UNCRC a reality in Wales.

Entrants have until Friday 8 October to submit their articles. In the lead-up to the deadline, entries will be published here on CLIC, where young people can vote for their favourite submission.

The winner will receive an iPad, while eight regional winners will receive a specially-created reporter’s kit including a Flip Video Camcorder, audio recorder and a guide to reporting the news.

The competition is divided into two categories: children aged seven to ten, and for young people aged 11 to 25.

Prizes will be presented during a special day of activities, marking the 21st anniversary of the UNCRC, to be held in the Senedd in November.

All competition details and guidance on reporting the news can be found at

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Rhoddwyd sylw 58 mis yn ôl - 13th July 2010 - 16:55pm

I wouldn't mind me an iPad so best sharpen my pencil...



Rhoddwyd sylw 58 mis yn ôl - 23rd July 2010 - 15:06pm

Looks like a really good opportunity to show people that not all young people are trouble makers. That's something that really bugs me, I can walk down the street and be given dirty looks by elderly people, and there's me thinking what have I ever done to you, not all young people are the same. Well, looks like I'm going to get writing, I've got a point to prove, and well ... an iPad doesn't sound too bad either (:

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 58 mis yn ôl - 24th July 2010 - 08:59am

Go for it Jess.. Maybe a feature on your experiences with being given dirty looks by elderly people?

Mary Anne Hobbs, the Radio One DJ, once told me: "Remember that the art of good journalism is to capture a moment, reveal a deeper texture of truth about a situation and to tell people something they don't already know..."

Good luck :)



Rhoddwyd sylw 56 mis yn ôl - 18th September 2010 - 19:01pm

Yeah, I think it's just anything that's worth reading rather than specific 'reporting' news.

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 55 mis yn ôl - 27th September 2010 - 15:10pm

Hi electroraven1,

The organisers say:

"If you are 18 or over then you do not need to give a contact.

For those under 18 the competition entry form asks for a teacher / contact therefore you can put a parent / guardian etc (not restricted to a teacher).

This has to be done to ensure that parents are aware that you are entering the competition, as potential winners may be used in future publications."

Hope this helps!

National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 54 mis yn ôl - 1st November 2010 - 13:09pm

Hi electroraven1,

As the deadline was extended by a week, so will the notifications for winners. So they will know by next Monday 8 November.

All entries are being sorted through this week - please keep watching the homepage for further info.

Good luck!

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